Explanation of Costs

The IIDC academic year consists of two Assessment Periods of a fifteen week semester followed by a six week study term and then a five week study break. Students are expected to stay at IIDC during each full Assessment Period and may stay during the summer and winter five-week study breaks if they wish to participate in internships, academic programs or for personal reasons. Apart from tuition, students must provide for the expense of dormitory, meals, health insurance, dormitory security deposit, and personal expenses, without exception.

COST SCHEDULES Assessment Period 1 Assessment Period 2 ANNUAL COSTS IN USE
Spring 15 Week Summer 15 Week Fall 15 Week Winter 15 Week
Enrollment Fee $650
Tuition $5,037 $840 $5,037 $840 $11,754
Int’L Student Services Fee $300 $300 $600
Residence $600 $200 $600 $200 $1,600
Limited Meals $290 $250 $540
Security Deposit 4 $130 $110
Activity Fee $100 $200 $200
Insurance $180
Total 1st Year $7,267 $1,040 $6,287 $1,040 $15,634

Cost Schedules

The FBA program is designed around the completion of seven Assessment Periods to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. In the table below, a typical full year of costs is presented. Students who follow the seven Assessment Period schedule will graduate in three and a half years compared with the four years required by most other China institutions. In summary, the total financial resources required should be carefully considered before applying for admission to the university. A typical full-year Bachelor’s Program Cost Schedule for 2013. The FBA program is designed to be completed in 3.5 years. In the table below, a typical full-year cost schedule is presented for FBA Students

Residence and meals may vary from year to year, but tuition costs will remain the same throughout the program.

All new students (freshman and transfer) are required to pay the one time enrollment fee regardless of the semester they enroll in.

There is a onetime orientation meal fee of $40 added

The security deposit is refunded minus any damage costs