How can I Apply to Intermark


Select a Degree Program &

Choose an Entry Semester

Graduate from degree programs in a professional & creative environment.

All degree programs focus on Asian, global design and its relation to the rest of the world.

Note that IIDC has an approximate 5 weeks break between semesters.


Complete the

Application Form

Application to IIDC may be completed online or by using pre-printed paper forms. The form is available on our website.

It is important that the application form is filled in accurately and completely.

When completing your application for admission, we will look for evidence that you have sufficient financial resources to include the first academic year as well as the prospect of continued support for the duration of your degree.

When you complete the Proof of Finances, it will be in your favor to be able to show a minimum balance to cover tuition and cost of living for at least one year.


Write a Personal Essay and

Complete the Required

Supplemental Documents

All applicants are required to write a personal essay which gives you an opportunity to tell us more about yourself, your interests, achievements and motivation for IIDC.

The essay is considered an important element of the admissions criteria.

Students applying for BFA must submit a résumé which highlights their education experience.

Students are urged to be concise but thorough in their writing.


Submit the Application

Form and Supplementary

Documents by the

Application Deadline

Submit your completed application form, personal essay, and required supplemental materials to: Admissions Department Global Center, IIDC Foundation of JianQiao Univ.

Those applying online can create an account and return to it continuously until completion.


Have your Academic

Records Sent to IIDC

Ask each secondary school, college or univerity you have attended to submit certified copies of the academic records for all coursework you have at that institution.

Alternatively, they may provide the documents to you in sealed envelopes with the institution’s seal, stamp or signature placed over the envelope closure.

Authenticated (notarized or certified) English translations should accompany any records that are issued in a language other than English.

Students applying for undergraduate admission should report the grades received during the first term of the current academic year, as soon as possible.


Obtain Letter(s)

of Recommendation

Undergraduate applicants should request their teacher, guidance counselor or other school officials to submit one letter of recommendation as part of the application.

Graduate applicants should submit two letters of recommendation provided by people who can assess the student's academic or professional background (a professor or job supervisor).

Referees should complete the letter of recommendation dorm provided in the IIDC Application and send them to the Admissions Office.

Make certain your name and date of birth are clearly marked on the forms submitted.


Submit English Proficiency

Test Scores

All applicants whose native language is not English must ask the testing service to submit test results (TOEFL or IELTS) directly to the Admissions Office at IIDC.

If you have not yet taken a test, you should arrange to do so in time for results to reach us before the application deadline. Photocopies may be included with your application form, but official test results from the testing agency MUST be submitted.


Submit the Proof of

Finances Form

All international students are required to submit evidence that sufficient financial resources are available to cover at least the first year of expenses including tuition, fees, health insurance, housing and other personal expenses.

Students who are applying for financial support (i.e. scholarship) should only include the personal financial resources that they will be using to fund their IIDC education.

Complete the Proof of Finance Form which is included with the application and present it to your bank for official verification.

Ask a bank official to sign and stamp the form and include a dated bank statement, a copy(s) of a Certificate(s) of Deposit, or a letter from the bank indicating the amount of funds available.

If you are being sponsored by someone other than yourself or your family members make certain that your sponsor signs the Proof of Finances Form and provides a bank statement as described above.

This form and accompanying documents will also be required for your visa application.


Review Process and

Admission Decision

When your application is received at IIDC, it will be reviewed and a request will be made for any documents which are missing.

When all of your documents have been received, including the application form, letter(s) of recommendation, Proof of Finances, official academic records and test scores, your application will be reviewed.

Normally, you can expect a decision within two weeks after all documents have been received.

In addition, students will have an online interview which will be five to ten minutes. The purpose of the interview is to gage the student’s ability in English communication and readiness for university.

The student is informed by email of his/her acceptance (or denial) and a letter of acceptance is attached to the email along with a letter describing the total costs of education for degree completion. An additional document is attached which requests the first year of payment (minus any scholarship awarded), which must be made prior to receipt of visa application documents.

Prepayment of the first year of expenses indicates to IIDC and to the China Embassy, the sincerity/authenticity of the student's intentions.

It is a requirement for all students to prepay the first year of costs including tuition, housing, meals, etc. Thereafter, payment is made on a semester basis; installment payments are possible once a student has completed his/her first year of study. If for any reason the student fails to secure a visa or decides to withdraw, a complete refund is made to the student.

When prepayment is received, official visa documents with university stamp are sent to the student via air courier. The student then takes these documents plus any additional documents required by the China Embassy to the embassy to apply for a visa.


Visa Application

Applicants who have received a Letter of Acceptance from IIDC may apply for a visa at the nearest Embassy or Consulate of the China.

Applicants usually should submit a copy of their passport, 2 color photos, a Letter of Acceptance, academic records, Proof of Finances, the visa application form and a fee.

To improve your chances for a successful visa application, submit only authentic documents, legitimate proof of available finances that have an in-bank history of at least six months.

You must also have the intention to be a full-time student in China, be sufficiently strong in social or economic aspects, and other reasons to stay until you return to your home country upon completion of your studies.