“Asian Landmark of Excellence in
Global Design Education”


“Educating the Next Generation of
Asian International Thoughtful Leaders”

IIDC strives for excellence in educating the next generation of Asia’s thoughtful leaders. Through research and scholarship we seek to contribute, enrich the understanding and practice of management within the for-profit, not for-profit and governmental environments. Through our teachings, learning’s, engagement with the design business world, and with the support of our staff, we aspire to ensure our faculty and students:

Global Perspective –

to display knowledge of global markets, design practices and cultural norms between business in Asia and other parts of the world.

Asian Expertise –

to demonstrate knowledge of Asia by articulating the differences and similarities among their individual cultures, best design practices, brand marketing research and development.

Creative Management Foundation –

to exhibit a broad understanding of design principles and the ability to analyze situations to select the best solution or to identify, derive and deliver a new alternative solution.

Cross-Cultural Competence –

to ensure awareness of one’s own cultural values and belief, an awareness of other cultures, values and belief systems, and is able to effectively communicate and function in multicultural settings.

Social Responsibility –

to practice ethical behavior in decision making within and beyond the organization within the context of varying cultural constraints.