Our networks with the government and other academic institutions around the world assures that graduates not only receive outstanding instruction, but are connected with a career-building dialog with others around the world while they are still students.

Our human network and our commitment to the careers of students make IIDC a unique environment for study and a fast track for advancement. Our week long immersion programs provide students with intensive exposure to a chosen design topic through lectures, workshops, and seminars conducted by local and global experts.

All Bachelor’s Degree students must also choose from among three languages – Korean, Chinese or English – to become fluent within the course of their four-year program. Each semester, students will incorporate language study into their normal design curriculum. Coupled with cultural studies, the international student body and the China environment, students will graduate with this extra vital tool to achieve success in the global business environment.

The IIDC facility is the newest addition to the JianQiao family, and its location is a 30 minute drive from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

The building has been designed to best meet the needs of students from a diverse and multicultural environment, embodying the global trends of today.

It serves as a scholarly, practical and participatory environment that includes teaching, open seminars, interaction with the business community and the use of an extensive sports and recreation complex. It also includes a library, computer laboratories, faculty offices, teleconference facilities, conference rooms, project rooms and classrooms. The adjacent sections are a sports complex which includes the health and fitness center, swimming pool, sauna, and a full-sized gymnasium which has fitness equipment, basketball court and bleachers for public sport activities.

Our philosophy is that learning must be comprehensive. Health and exercise must be part of that regime.