A program like that of IIDC could not have come into being without the support of the JianQiao Foundation and its short history of innovation and application at all levels of education and training.

Originated as a JianQiao International Design College; with international faculty using English language as medium of instruction, IIDC serves as a professional research and educational institution that encourages students to generate ideas for innovative globalized design and for new design incubation. The ultimate goal of the JianQiao Foundation is to strengthen China. They will do that by producing a generation of young men and women in creative and strategic design who have obtained a solid education and through their efforts to create a nation that is self-sufficient.

JianQiao Foundation set forth a vision of a university that placed the student first and made every effort to assure that they grew, not only in academic capability, but also in a philosophical and spiritual sense as well. IIDC visitors were struck by the remarkable camaraderie displayed between students from around the world and the commitment to this institution. That vision is only more critical as we face new challenges on a global scale and the rapid advance of technology transforms our world into one universal society.