Developing the Foreign Annual Educational Program and Foreign Global Internship through Block System Educations to foster World Design Leaders of Chinese.

Education Goal

World Practical Market Professionals prepared for World and China Market, Economy, Brand , Design Marketing, Culture, Language and Global Insight.

Education Goal, Contents and Drive System

Educational PROGRAM

Customized education following world design trends in the world market
Online course education link to foreign famous universities
Practical professionals, internships, an fieldwork education with foreign design companies Professional designer fostering programs

Educational NETWORKING

Foreign university MOU Program Western education trend monitoring
Foreign company & partnership search/selection
Search for the best Chinese companies & foreign owned companies in China


American & Chinese
Professional Designers
(Design Contest


Expanding Internships
in Foreign Design Companies
& Foreign Design
Company Branches


Building Networks
with Korean, Chinese, and
Japanese Universities


Network Construction
with Professors of Foreign
Design Expertise


Program Direction

The need of design education that fits for the change of world economy & market trends and the revise for educational courses (understanding America and rapid growing China).

The development of education programs networked to the theory and practical skills (internship).

Internship linkage; IIDC (foreign & domestic companies) and network with sister ship universities.

Endowment of motivation and fostering the adventurous spirit for the establishment of global competent leaders.

Needed for practical application of educational linking networks with sister Universities.

Program Key


1. Globalization

Global Attitude and Vision

2. Specialization

Self-orientated study panning

Self-evaluated study goal

Student’s special tutoring with designated advisors

Saturday high level program

3. Relationship with Foreign Design Education

MOU with a variety of foreign universities for student

exchange Special vacation programs

4. Partnership with Design Industry

Internship and faculty members from foreign and

domestic famous companies

Program Types

1. Global Culture Program

Global attitude and manner education

Global seminars and visiting foreign countries America,

England, and France University admission program

2. English Level up Program

Fluent English communication reading major books in

English Frequent English tests ( TOFEL, TOEIC )

Special English conversation program

3. Design Level up Program

Student level up; personal story book

- Individual study achievement

- English

- Industry networking and internship

- Extra curriculum

High quality job

Design (foreign and domestic) and IT Information


Job application to foreign (domestic)

owned Design Companies