We aim to be Asia’s landmark of design.
Intermark is a bridge that connects aspiring designers from all around the world to learn in unique and innovative ways.
IIDC provides and creates new values by combining
two different courses; brand and design, into one special course.

1 Topic

3 Weeks

Intermark dives deeply and intensely into a specific topic for three weeks, providing students with exceptional classes.

Every student has the opportunity to go to internships, both globally and locally, at the end of every semester.

Our facilities are kept open 24/7 for our students’ convenience and effective learning.

With tailored groups of students in specific classes,
our professors have more chances to interact with our students.
“Education not just for class, but for life.”

More detail information

IIDC is the first step in the establishment of a full-fledged international program that will take full advantage of our extensive overseas networks, distinguished faculties, ties to the technological innovation that illustrates Shanghai, and the trends in the contemporary world towards globalization.

IIDC is the embodiment of the founder’s vision into a global vision for the 21st Century. IIDC was created for the need of a global program that focuses on Asian Global Design and the evolving relationships among their design culture and the rest of the world.

We encourage our students to develop in spirit and mind because growth in furthering progress in society will assure that our graduates will have the determination and the skills they need to confront the challenges of the future. Our college will always uphold the same ideals and set new standards for education in China.

As the largest economy in the world, China has demonstrated its tenacity, innovation and determination to be the world leader as evidenced by its progress in penetrating many fields in the international arena. Located in Shanghai, “The Research and Development Metropolitan City of China” and IIDC offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in professional and creative design education.

IIDC provides

  • Design knowledge with focus on Asian and Western design and their evolving relationships.
  • Student internships with leading edge design and branding marketing.
  • A global perspective in teaching and research in the most dynamic arena of the world market.
  • In-depth exposure to languages and cultures of East Asia.
  • A multi-cultural environment in English.

Academic Colleges

The IIDC complex in Shanghai features the state of design, multimedia conference and Internet facilities for lectures from all around the world. This enables us to frequently bring foreign guest lecturers to our program that would otherwise be impossible due to distance and time constraints.

IIDC is a completely wireless facility. All of our classrooms are fully equipped with electronic projection and broadband Internet capabilities. Students are able to take time out from their studies for extra activities in the same academic and leisure facility. Students are provided with the incentive to keep their bodies fit while developing their minds

Also, students will find numerous health facilities, additional libraries, language laboratories and newly built dormitories on the JianQiao University campus.

Applied and Practical Learning
We believe that learning is not valuable if it stays in textbooks and notes so therefore, we emphasize applied and practical learning. Through our internships and projects, we ensure that our students are taken out of the classroom and into the realities of the recent business world.

At IIDC, students are urged to devote themselves to improving society and continually search for truth. We prepare students to face these challenges and find solutions to the problems facing business and society. In their final semester, all students undertake research projects designed to expose them to real-life design issues. There, they can improve by consolidating what they have learned and rounding off the knowledge they have gained during their studies.

IIDC teaches all its courses in English, except for the required Asian language courses. We employ an international faculty, most of whom are native English speakers. For students who arrive in need of additional English language studies, we have professional staff that are trained and experienced at teaching English as a second language and for academic purposes.

International Faculty

We have brought together a remarkable group of faculty with extensive expertise. Their experience includes Visual Communications, Brand Marketing, Corporate Identity, Editorial Collaterals, Environmental, Product Design, Information Technology, Digital, Animation, Corporate Marketing, and other specialties related to design. They deliver a world-class education tailored for a select group of students with interests in diverse fields in global design. Our program is eminently international in perspective, offering top-flight instruction and hands-on training in the critical aspects of contemporary design practice.

Our faculty's credentials emanate from some of the world's best institutions including Art Center College of Design, Pratt Institute, School of Visual Art and well known world level of design colleges. Their experience spans not only first world markets like the U.S., Korea, UK, but also emerging economies like India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.


IIDC has been recognized by the China Ministry of Education as an outstanding institution for Higher Education and has been granted awards for Excellence in Design Education.